Posted by: girlfriday | Sunday, 21 August, 2011

today I kayak

The Activity-Buddy has bought a kayak off Trademe. Even though he is not water-confident. And has had some more-than-ordinarily-wet kayaking experiences.

I enjoy kayaking. I feel at ease in and on the water.

We have registered for the Lake-to-Lighthouse multi-sport event on 19/20 November as a team … and AB wants to share the kayaking.

There are two kayak sessions in the two-day Lake to Lighthouse event. If there were only one … we wouldn’t need/be able to share. But there are two.

Today we go out for our second(!)  we are in regular training now :wink:  kayak session at Lake Arapuni.

Gorgeous weather.

No tip ups :)

We come home relatively dry.

An hour on the water makes for a happy day :)

Posted by: girlfriday | Saturday, 20 August, 2011

today I go swimming

but not until eight-thirty when the morning crowds have dissipated … and the frost is not-so-crispy outside :)

Joe invites me to swim in the wide lane beside the steps because he’s finished swimming and the lane will be all mine.

I swim 6 lengths of breaststroke (150m).

Shiree joins me to discuss pain thresholds. Her shoulder. The stress fracture in my second metatarsal (toe).

From the far side of the pool, my training buddy calls out, “Hey, less talking … more swimming!” I swim 500m freestyle. Two lengths of breaststroke. Speed work for 500m.

Kim arrives in the adjacent lane, and reminds me that there’s a get-together for Forestland Wheelers at the Tokoroa Club tonight … dinner at six, drinks whenever …

I wind down my swimming session with a few lengths of freestyle, some backstroke and more breaststroke.

A great start to the weekend.

I’m ready for action : energised.

Posted by: girlfriday | Friday, 19 August, 2011

kitchen table, decluttered

I’m making changes in my kitchen.

Here is a marvellously tidy EMPTY kitchen table.
Of course, it’s not realistic for the table to REMAIN empty. Not when it’s the first surface to greet me when I come in the front door :wink:

Posted by: girlfriday | Thursday, 18 August, 2011

intending to be organised and happy

I have a new goal. Two goals actually : 1. to be organised/less cluttered and less chaotic, and 2. to record my daily happiness

To help me achieve Goal number one I have signed up to an online course : Quick and Simple Clutter Control, which includes daily prompts (ideas!) and a forum for all the participants. I have added Teux Deux to my computer and phone so that I can carry my list of “to do” things with me on my multi-purpose phone   it’s more than a phone … I can also record and recall LISTS.

It’s not enough, I think, to monitor my list of “to do” items. Sometimes I do things that are not on my list. Often I look back and realise that the things I ‘did’ are more important than the grocery shopping or returning books to the library. So I make a Number Two goal. To record “what I did today”.

ADDED BONUS … journalling about my day creates happiness  :wink:  and encourages me to be thankful.

Posted by: girlfriday | Wednesday, 13 April, 2011


Empty space makes me happy. But I tend to draw a crowd. Not just people … Papers, advertising, shoes, bags … I travel with a heap of paraphernalia.

When I come home to the flat, I pile the papers, advertising, shoes, bags … on the bench, the table and the kitchen floor.

If in a pensive mood, I’ll sort through the papers and empty the bags and sort the contents into new piles for later action. Or for immediate shredding :wink:  Shredding can’t wait for *later*.

If I’m in the mood for action, I’ll vacuum. To clear the floor space. To get rid of the crowds. So I can enjoy my timber floors.

Posted by: girlfriday | Monday, 21 June, 2010


The mattress is back in the living room. The video is set to record. At 2am we hear the recorder stir into action. We are awake.

New Zealand All Whites play Italy in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. And score.

Another draw. One point for New Zealand.

Another live game. Another camping-in-the-living-room adventure :)

Posted by: girlfriday | Wednesday, 16 June, 2010

support for the All Whites

On my birthday (Tuesday) I work until midday. Then I lunch with a friend before I go to the Polynesian Spa for a massage and mini-facial *treatment*. Which occupies my whole afternoon. Luxury.

To the Belgian Bar for a Timmerman’s Kriek (cherry beer) to work up an appetite for dinner after my lunchtime dining. Then to *Mr Yakitori* at the Distinction Hotel where we indulge in *casual dining* for two.

A couple of games of ten pin bowls. Because we *must* make the day last … because it’s my birthday :wink: and because the All Whites play their first World Cup game at 11:30pm NZ time.

At home we move the mattress into the living room so we don’t have to get up to go to bed  after the game :lol: . I fall asleep long before the end of the Historic Occasion is realised.

Lunch. Spa treatment. Dinner. Ten-pin bowls. The All Whites first World Cup goal. Activities and events that make a day special. What I enjoy most about my birthday … sleeping in a bed in the living room. A one-off.

Today, the mattress is back in the bedroom. No more camping in the living room. Until perhaps the next World Cup game :wink:

Posted by: girlfriday | Monday, 7 June, 2010

a wet weekend

On a wet weekend I go running :)  Twice. Thirty minutes with a friend. Twenty minutes on my own.

I dry laundry inside the house :roll:

I read … a book from the book circle that is not *supposed* to be read until *much* later in the year.

I walk through town, noticing changes to the houses I last visited as a postie …  to Lake Moananui where I bought – and sold – a house when I first moved here, around the lake, and home again.

I sleep. I eat. Time passes.

Posted by: girlfriday | Friday, 21 May, 2010


I am *racing* tomorrow. I use asterisks for quotation marks because I do not *race*  :lol:

I run. Steadily.

I am passed by many people. Who run faster than I do :wink:

Sometimes I pass the people who pass me. When they run out of running energy. And have only enough energy for walking. Some people have *just enough* energy to run with me … until they have enough energy to pass me again :lol:

Some people want to finish fast. Some people want to beat someone they know.

I run at a pace that allows for conversation. I like to chat to other runners. After a race, my buddy says, “Tell me about the people you met today” Because (he knows) that’s how I *measure* my performance :lol:

Posted by: girlfriday | Wednesday, 19 May, 2010

no more yoghurt

The multi-talented no-name brand fridge freezer is gone. The fridge freezer unit which cooled and sometimes defrosted, and turned the milk into yoghurt when it was tired of cooling … is not here any more … as in declared *kaput* .. picked up by the scrap metal truck and … taken away. No longer in my kitchen.

In anticipation of its departure, I read consumer online to determine the *best brand* of fridge-freezer I should buy. I learn that Fisher &Paykael will no longer require their distributors to stock F&P product exclusively … so there may be a wider range of product available. Soon.

I am not ready to choose a new coolstore.

For now, I live without dairy products. No yoghurt. No icecream. And enjoy the spaciousness of an *unfurnished* kitchen.

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