Posted by: girlfriday | Thursday, 17 August, 2006

one year old

I’m idling around the wordpress news page … when I notice belated birthday wishes : wordpress has been *around* for one year.  Launched July 2005 … open to the public December 2005

I’m chuffed to realise I found wordpress in the beginning : I enjoy being able to categorise my posts  from the basic : *one day at a time* to the specific : *flirtations* *in my own skin* and *the art room*, and I also choose wordpress because registration is not a requirement if someone wants to comment on *something I write*. 

WordPress continually develop and launch new features each week.  Shortly after I start, wordpress advertise a facility to import posts and comment from blogger, typepad and moveable type.  I consider registering a second blog … just so I can use the importer to switch back to wordpress ;)  


  1. I have to say I do like word press and thats one of the reasons I went with them was because of you!!! lol at you having a second blog so you can import…….you could make your second one a photographic one

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