Posted by: girlfriday | Tuesday, 6 February, 2007

even if you’ve upgraded

There’s nothing to stop you now :)

A new importer to transfer your *new beta blogger* posts, categories and comments into easy-to-use and feature-friendly WordPress ;)


  1. right i am sending this to ann and hannah

  2. You mean I won’t lose my template, links and archives???

  3. WordPress have a range of templates to use … choose one you like, and change it as often as you like :)
    Links may need to be updated after transfer. But posts, categories, comments AND archives will all be imported holus-bolus at the click of a button.

  4. And to the technically challenged: this all means what??????????

  5. What it means Susan is that *if you foolishly ;) started a blog with a provider other than WordPress, WordPress have made it easy to change your blog to WordPress* …
    You will be okay, because you’ll start your blog on WordPress – and will love it! – and won’t even know how difficult other blog formats can be :)

  6. oooo – you temptress you!

  7. Go on Penny … Hannah already moved today :)

  8. Thanks for the info Karen.
    All done!!!

  9. ok, I’m off to have a look….

    Darn blogger is driving me insane!
    Hence the badly upkept blog….

    Thanks for the info Karen.

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